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Pool Water and Chemistry

Pool water needs to be tested on a regular basis, measured and adjusted for its pH balance and level of active sanitizer. Why? Many factors constantly change the water quality, including frequency of use, number of swimmers, product application and even the weather. If imbalances continue over time, the water becomes unsanitary, pool surfaces can become damaged and equipment can fail. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using test kits and chemicals, or contact a professional pool service provider. The final result is a brilliant, sparkling pool that lasts over time and is inviting to all. Enjoy!

Salt Water Pools

Inspection of the control panel and salt cell to ensure proper function and salt level. Additional salt added when needed. Salt system pools offer many advantages over chlorine swimming pools. Salt water produces natural chlorine that softens the water and eliminates red eyes, itchy skin, and the chlorine smell. JM Pools and Supplies Warehouse will maintain your salt water pool and system. You’ll find your saltwater pool clean, clear, healthful, and relaxing.


​Water in motion makes it difficult for bacteria and algae to attach to the pool walls. It also moves debris for the filter to catch, that’s the reason pool water needs to be circulated on a regular basis, especially during the day for at least 6 to 8 hours.

Is Pool Care Worth It?

​Yes it is!  Proper cleaning and regular maintenance not only keeps your pool beautiful it protects your financial investment and the safety of you, your family and friends. Whether you “do it yourself” or rely on a pool service technician, a clean pool is a healthier and happier pool for everyone involved.
Pool Supplies
Special pricing on Hayward, Pentair, and Sta-Rite pumps. JM Pools and Supplies Warehouse carries most major filter brands. We specialize in hard to find pool parts. Call or email for our catalog.  


Hot tubs, spas, and pool patio furniture.

We also specialize in hard to find swimming pool parts, motors, filters, etc.

Free shipping within the United States on all orders over $50!

We also service all types of pools in Broward and Palm Beach counties (FL).
Prices starting at $100 per month which includes basic cleaning and chemicals. 

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Tired of cleaning your pool because your pool person isn’t?

​Don’t waste your precious time and money, let JM Pools and Supplies Warehouse maintain and care for your pool so you don’t have to. Our comprehensive pool care programs are affordable and effortless for you. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, then order your supplies from our warehouse (pool pumps, cartridges, gaskets, lamps, heaters, filters, etc).

Pool Service Done On A Weekly, Bi Weekly, and Monthly Basis

​Providing complete cleaning service for your pool. By testing, maintaining, and checking the water chemistry, sanitizing pool water. Skimming the pools surface and removing all leaf and debris brushing the pool walls and emptying the pump and skimmer baskets and maintaining the filtration system to eliminate phosphates, minerals, and algae that begins to build up. Backwashing pool when needed. Inspection of the pump and motor and components, checking copper and PVC pipes for any water leakage and to ensure proper mechanical operation.
Sparkling Pools All Year Round

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Hot Tubs, Spas, Pool Patio Furniture

Hot Spring Spas, Artesian Spas

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​Free shipping on all orders over $50.